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1. What products does Layan offer?

Layan offers a wide range of products including Body Mists, Foaming Hand & Body Wash, Shower Gels, Hair Conditioners with Keratin, Hair Shampoos with Keratin, Hand Sanitizer Gels, Hand Sanitizer Sprays, Liquid Hand & Body Wash, Concentrated Air Fresheners, Dishwashing Liquids with Natural Enzymes, Furniture Polish, Glass Cleaners, Multi-Purpose Cleaners, Multi-Purpose Household Deodorizers, Multi-Surface Cleaners, Surface Cleaners, Surface Disinfectants, Fabric Softeners, Abaya Shampoo, Fabric, Carpet, and Air Refreshers, Liquid Laundry Detergents, Powder Laundry Detergents, Pet Odor Eliminator Candles, Anti-Bacterial Candles, Anti-Mosquito Candles, Energizing Scented Candles, Happiness Scented Candles, Relax Scented Candles, Kitchen Odor Eliminator Candles, Tobacco Odor Eliminator Candles, Casablanca Lilly Scented Candles, Lavender & Vanilla Candles, and Mahogany Teakwood Scented Candles.

2. Are Layan's products environmentally friendly?

Yes, Layan is committed to producing environmentally friendly products, including Dishwashing Liquids with Natural Enzymes and other eco-conscious options.

3. Can I find products for sensitive skin in Layan's range?

Absolutely! Layan offers products like Foaming Hand & Body Wash and Liquid Hand & Body Wash that are gentle on sensitive skin.

4. Do Layan's hair care products contain Keratin?

Yes, Layan provides Hair Conditioners and Shampoos with Keratin to nourish and strengthen hair.

5. Are Layan's hand sanitizers effective against germs?

Definitely! Layan's Hand Sanitizer Gels and Sprays are formulated to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria.

6. Can I use Layan's Multi-Purpose Cleaners on different surfaces?

Yes, Layan's Multi-Purpose Cleaners are versatile and can be used on various surfaces, providing a thorough cleaning.

7. Do Layan's Air Fresheners come in different scents?

Yes, Layan offers a variety of scents in its Air Freshener range, including Concentrated Air Fresheners and Multi-Purpose Household Deodorizers.

8. Is Layan's Fabric Softener suitable for all types of fabrics?

Layan's Fabric Softener is designed to be gentle on fabrics, making it suitable for a wide range of materials.

9. Do Layan's scented candles have any special properties?

Yes, in addition to their delightful fragrances, Layan's scented candles, like the Anti-Bacterial Candle and Anti-Mosquito Candle, have unique properties for added benefits.

10. Are Layan's cleaning products safe for use around pets?

Layan ensures that their cleaning products, including the Pet Odor Eliminator Candle, are safe for use in homes with pets.