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Quds Paints Industry was established in 1994. It started with two lines of products,Water-born Interior Walls putty and Cement-base tile adhesive.

The Future Home of Layan US

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The Future Home of Layan US

The Future Home of Layan US

We are excited to announce the next phase in spreading Layan’s unique and innovative products throughout the world, as our Loyal brand products are set to begin hitting the shelves in the US marketplace starting in 2020.

Beginning with select products imported from Jordan, we are working with the goal of eventually opening a manufacturing facility in the US, to lower our carbon footprint and offer US customers the Loyal brand quality at a lower cost for everyone and the environment.

Using the same cutting edge techniques and fragrances that our customers have come to love and trust, you can count on Layan US to continue our long tradition of Quality, Integrity, and Trust.

Stay tuned and check back to this page as more information becomes available.